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the value added features of an ADD mind

I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with ways to better organise and live with the itty bitty space which is my studio.  At the moment it’s a complete disaster zone and I have to confess that it’s a complete write-off and I’ve been working from the kitchen as a result (+ because the air conditioner is still up there which makes the room unbearably cold).  I literally spend almost 4 hours/week reorganising this space which I don’t think anyone can argue is completely the anathema of efficiency.

I thought the answer to my woes was to save up for a nice, shiney, chrome baker’s rack on which to neatly organise my fabric stash and books.  As I work with fabric above and beyond everything else and I really need to have a direct view of all of the goodies available to me I feel that would be a great storage solution.  That’s still an option, however I need something fast and it occurred to me today to simply shop from home (for free!) and switch up my storage system.

Here is the at-a-glance option I currently have, storing patterns, notions, magazines, beads, yarns, dremel stuff, trims and ribbons:

Since that picture was taken I’ve pared down a lot of my yarn stash and it now fits nicely into about 3 different containers.  In the following picture you can see my current fabric stash storage: the beautiful hope chest my dad built for me years ago in the state it’s normally (and currently) in:

I know, it’s a complete disaster.  I have no shame.  But see what I mean?  It drives me in-freakin’-sane.

Tomorrow I go up there and begin the transformation.  If you don’t hear from me by Saturday, send the troops.



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ruffles are the new black

Ruffles have been inner than in for a few seasons now and I have to say I quite like that and they’re no likely to go away any time soon.  Although I do argue that ruffles can go horribly, horribly wrong, I love that they’re being applied to just about everything for a fresher, softer, more romantic look.  Everything in moderation, right?

Here are some favourite ruffly things, via etsy.  Click the pics to go to the store:

Alright, nevermind the thing I said about moderation.  This profusion of ruffles melts my heart:

…as does this one:

…and this one too:

Are you wearing ruffles?  What’s your favourite ruffly thing?

Discuss.  I’m going to go put ruffles on stuff.  Possibly even the dog.


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crap day. not much to say

I also need to get to bed at a decent time to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for a craft show tomorrow so Ill leave you from this stunning image of impossible cool.

The show is at R.F. Downey P.S. in the north end.  It would be lovely to see some of you lovelies.


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november giveaway at modish!

Jena’s got a HUGE giveaway of fabulousness in two parts this month and the first one is up right now.

Go check it out and enter to win a whole lot of gorgeous (you could have a lot of presents taken care of with this…if you can resist keeping it for yourself).

Everytime she does this I think how wonderful it must be to have her job…wouldn’t it be like Christmas every month getting all these goodies in from so many talented creators?


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peterborough craft mafia

At my post election internal pow wow I came up with some pretty startlingly clear realizations about the Peterborough arts scene and think it’s high time we get a craft mafia (or whatever) together.  We do have a great scene here and many organizations accessible to us to support it but which are also caught up in the standard issue bureaucratic red tape which comes with government funding on any level.  At some point depending on those organizations becomes a crutch and things get stagnant, boring, a little incestuous, elitist and inaccessible to the people whose stories we’re supposed to be telling.  None of these things does a healthy, vibrant arts community make.  We have an MP in office who believes we’re already there and my response is this call to action to create opportunities to prove him wrong.

My vision begins and ends in community.  Here are the things I want to see come of this, some of them are a little more crystallized than others but bear with me:

– random acts of kindness through guerilla art.  One cause that’s near and dear to my heart is Community Living’s ‘Our Space’ project.  We could hold a sew-in.  Base it out of the halls of Peterborough Square or Lansdowne Place.  Get donations of fabrics together and charge $10 for shoppers to sew their own tote bag.  Patrons will be engaged & learn a new skill, proceeds will go to the Our Space project, plastic bags will be kept out of landfills, and we get our names & faces out there.

– skills sharing.  I’m sure many of us engage in this already but can we really get enough?  I know how to install a zipper, edit code and create a mean marketing plan and I really want to learn to crochet.  Got some advice on getting your website noticed?  Need to get the word out about a workshop you’re hosting? Informal workshops/exchanges in kitchens and living rooms and coffee shops can be held.

– resource sharing.  When are you putting your next wholesale order in and can I have some?  Who needs postering done in my ‘hood?  We can all save money & time if we pool together.

– awareness & hype.  Like I said, this is about creating opportunities.  We can get our own events together instead of waiting for them to come around.  It’s a little late for this year but we could band together to get a tree into the festival of trees for next year.  We could have a dragon boat race team.  We could have bowling shirts with our names on them!

-feeding our compulsions.  I craft therefore I am.  Pretty sure we all get that but some of us find it hard to get up the motivation, clear the space, and dig in.  How about craft nights/days?  Creating atmospheres in which it’s ok to muck up and get messy?

I have loads of ideas and I’m sure you all do too being the creative bods that you are.  I want to keep this informal, ever-evolving and changing, constantly breathing new life into itself.  I want us to work together with established organizations to take some of the pressure off their doling out of the trickle of funds they get and make our community aware of their presence.  I want to see us going out into the community as a united front encouraging buying local, buying handmade and getting people engaged in the act of art itself.  I want those of us who make our livings with our crafts to embrace (literally and/or figuratively – good thing we don’t have an HR department, eh?) our competition and take a vested interest in their success knowing they’re doing the same for us.  I want our dabblers to dabble more and create, create, create.

I’ve started a facebook group to get this going.  If anyone has ideas on when and where to meet I would love to hear them.  Spread the word!  Let’s make this ball roll!


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weekend redux

I know, I know.  I exploit the son far too much, but he’s such a willing model and this scarf looks so good on him.

This weekend has been lovely so far.  Yesterday was our last day at market which is nice but sad to think about.  After hounding her for months the farmer’s market co-ordinator has still not given us an answer as to whether or not there’s space there for us through the winter, which is a shame because that’s sort of where we need to be.  I think we’ll just show up and be persistent and give her puppy dog eyes until she succumbs.  I’ll even bring the puggle if I need to.

Yesterday was also the Arts in the Park event put on by the PAU.  It was great to actually meet the lovely, talented and rather foxy Jen of Almost Famous and Lucky Jackson even if she wouldn’t tell me where her blog lives lest I stalk it.  I also finally got to shake hands with Victoria of the Victory Art Supplies duo.  If you’re an artist and are reading this and need supplies, please visit their shop.  It smells like art even before you enter the door and their massive amounts of stock is so well organized for the creative mind it makes me weep.  You can’t get that at Michael’s.  I was stalked through the day by the delightful and oh-so-pregnant Miz K (yeah, I noticed.)  Happily so as I’m rather opportunistically hoping she has fun pics of ‘Zzini & Gracie playing.

It makes me happy that we have such events in our fair city and it was great to so many more than the usual faces represented.  Today won’t be quite as exciting – it’s all cleaning the kids’ rooms (which are complete disaster zones) and making spaghetti sauce.  For real.  Without the assistance of my mum or sister.  And it’s going to NOT suck, dammit.


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So that Etsy store I’ve been talking about getting up and running for ever and ever and ever + one day? It’s there! And I’ve put stuff in it! Here’s a little teaser of what I put up:

They may not be all loaded yet but they should be there soon.  It was kind of scary clicking the ‘finish’ button.


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