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it’s rockabilly for your eyes

Most of my inner circle knows that I harbour secret fantasies of being a cowgirl and have a penchant for anything with a tripped out country aesthetic…it’s why I’ve had a crush on Carl McCoy for so long.  So it’s no wonder I couldn’t tear myself away from the second issue of Refueled after I came across it in some blog in my reader this morning.  I’ve been poring over it for over an hour, reading every single word of every single article, soaking up all the slick and crunchy imagery.  I’m in ‘zine lust.  It is so super sexy I just want to live in its pages amongst all of those grungy and meticulously curated things.

You can read it at issuu here.

Or you can download it (in PDF format) here.


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for certain categories of reprobates and outcasts

Despite the undeserved scorn for them in the fashion world, their affiliation with pompous twats like Tim Burton (I LOVE YOU TIM BURTON…even if you’re a pompous twat) and neurotic status in decorating…eye ❤ stripes of all stripes.

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a stroke of brilliance

Ugh.  No pun intended.  I want to drink my wine out of this every day.

via Etienne Meneau.

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if I were an eames chair…

…I would want to be screwed with like this too:

Though I have a huge appreciation for the spirit in which the Eames Bros. operated, I’m really not (and you can shoot me if you can find me) a fan of the mid-century modern aesthetic but I really do like the Hundertwasser meets the Barbapapas style going on with this chair as reimagined by Wary Meyers.

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boxed office

Though I’m not entirely in love with the haute modern aesthetic of a lot of these I am in love with the idea of little prefab getaways, offices (dare I suggest bedrooms?) play spaces as satellites to the home.  There’s a nice spot on them in the current ReadyMade rag which also happens to be its first (and hopefully not last) edition in shiney new digital form.  Here’s my fave of the lot from the outside:

The kid can totally go.  She’d probably just get nose prints all over the windows and poop in the planters…plus I already have two.

And here it is from the inside:

See?  Totally not my bag when it comes to design but I’m sure some sari silk, window markers and a hookah could make it reasonably bohemefied…and insulation, of course.  I have some doubts as to how well these things might stand up to a Canadian winter.

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